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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

The present of the department ...

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering provides education for students in bachelor's, master's and postgraduate doctoral study programs. The aim is to educate professionals in the most important energy fields such as production and distribution and the use of electricity.

Laboratory education is provided in specialized laboratories, where students can get acquainted with a number of interesting tasks that increase their practical skills. The development of computer technology has also affected the field of power engineering and therefore part of the education is focused on the use of computers for simulations of large power networks operation or digital protections testing. In the laboratory of lighting technology, which belongs to the few workplaces of this kind in the Czech Republic, students can get acquainted with unique measuring equipment.

While working on their projects, such as laboratory reports or final theses, students can also independently use the computer rooms. Computer exercises play a significant role in education as well, which allows students to deepen their practical experience in specific applications.

Did you know ...

every year, several foreign students spend their internships with us?
The LDA-Lumidisp luminance analyzer, developed by our experts in the lighting laboratory, won the Golden Ampere award?
our experts also focus on less common areas of power engineering, such as plasma applications or ionizing radiation?
in addition to our own research, we also prepare studies for our partners?
we have top-equipped laboratories, which include, for example, solar laboratory, light laboratory or high-voltage laboratory?

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