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Why electrical power engineering?

Electric power engineering is a technical field without which today's world would not be as we know it. Modern electronic and energy equipment and the current lifestyle place high demands on the quality, reliability and safety of the electricity system and production resources.

Electricians are engaged in the production of electricity, its transmission, distribution and use. They ensure a reliable connection of all electrical equipment to the electricity system and keep it running so that we can light up at night, browse the Internet, but also make tea in an electric kettle.

Without power engineers, our standard of living would go back to the days of candles and torches.

Did you know...

electricity consumption in the Czech Republic in 2018 reached 73.94 TWh, which is the highest achieved value so far?
the maximum load of the electricity system in 2018 occurred on February 28 at 9:00 and reached the value of 11969 MW?
the transmission system lines of the Czech Republic number more than 5700 km?
the electricity system of the Czech Republic is synchronously connected with the system of continental Europe?

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