Electrical Protection Working Group

Main research areas

  • Methods of localization and elimination of unsymmetrical faults in distribution networks.
  • Method of the faulty phase grounding and evaluation of its impact on the security of HV and LV networks.
  • Research of a ground fault localization method based on a detailed analysis of the measurements results obtained from real distribution network measurements.
  • Innovation of protection functions and algorithms for centralized protection of distribution networks using communication standards according to IEC 61850.
  • Risk analysis of dangerous touch and step voltages.
  • Development and analysis of functionalities for distributed measurements installed at the LV and MV level (distribution transformer stations monitors, use of electricity meters, etc.).
  • Development of SW tools for Sampled Values signal management according to IEC 61850-9-2 standard.

Research team

Main practical research results

  • Patent národní č. 305209 – Způsob určení pravděpodobnosti místa výskytu nesymetrických poruch v elektrických sítích a monitorovací systém určený k provádění této metody.
  • Patent evropský č. EP2940483 – Evaluation method for determining of the probability of an asymmetrical fault location in a distribution network and a monitoring system for performing such method.
  • SW – Sampled Values Analyzer http://www.ueen.feec.vutbr.cz/sva/
  • SW – Central Protection Relay Model