Power Quality and EMC Working Group

Main research areas

  • Development and testing of measuring instruments and development of test procedures / test techniques and laboratory testing for voltage quality and low frequency EMC.
  • Development of models and simulations of operation of power distribution and industrial networks.
  • Software development for measuring systems, data visualization and analysis, proprietary analysis and diagnostics.
  • Field measurement of power quality and voltage and testing of equipment / electrical networks.
  • Proposals for solutions to ensure EMC, proposals for corrective measures and equipment for mitigation.
  • Courses and training in the areas of:
    • evaluation of power quality and voltage quality and ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of power systems (slow changes in voltage and frequency, voltage fluctuations, harmonics, interharmonics, interference up to 150 kHz, voltage events - dips, interruptions);
    • immunity of equipment to voltage phenomena (light sources, electricity meters, etc.)
  • Advice and consultation

Main practical research results

  • Models of distributed sources with regulatory control and protection systems for the study of dynamic processes in the operation of distribution networks.
  • Wiring designs of a 12p transformer cascade rectifier with a compensation-filtration unit for powering electrolysis systems with power inputs in the order of tens of MVA.
  • Participation in standards: IEEE Std 1453 ™ -2015, IEEE Std 1789 ™ -2015, draft IEEE std. 519TM-2020.
  • The research results are part of the IEC standard IEC TR 61547-1.
  • System for analysis and diagnostics of flickering light sources, sensor (LM02) and SW (LaFliDA), Functional sample and SW.
  • External system for PQ control of Studer Innotec XTM 4000 hybrid inverters (ECS-PQUf), Functional sample and SW.
  • SW (WR ident) for without intrusive identification of the technical solution of energy management in consumption points with nested production from measurements at the transfer point, SW.
  • SW (ENVIS v1.8) for modular measuring system, SW.
  • Production and consumption control modules for PSCAD, SW.
  • Control and measuring SW for Flicker Simulator (FlickerSimulatorSW), SW.
  • Programmable source (UTS - 44), Functional sample.
  • System for testing the response and resistance of electricity meters to conducted differential interference in the range of 2-200 kHz.
  • Coupling and separation networks (CDN-MF) for testing in the range 2-200 kHz, Functional sample.
  • Automated Flash Source Indicator System (FCMS), Functional Sample.
  • Objective flicker meter (OBM), Functional sample and SW